Lalmonirhat District has many education institutions

Lalmonirhat district is of Rangpur division. It is situated at the north side boundary of Bangladesh. It has established as a district on 1st February 1984. It has an area of 1241.46 sq km. It is bounded by Koch Bihar and Jalpaiguri to the north, Rangpur district to the south, Kurigram district and Koch Bihar to the east and Nilphamari as well as Rangpur to the west. This district is to see very nice. Educational institutions are available in this district such as government and non-government primary school, secondary school, college and national universities. Every educational institution is very responsibility. Almost in every institution are compulsory in English. It is an international language. For this, every institutions are emphasizes to this subject. Besides, students are eagerly in this subject. Here literacy rate is very fine. Every year,  result of secondary and higher secondary are very fine.

Lalmonirhat district information

There are published few local daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazine like Daily Lalmonirhat, Weekly Lalmonirhat Barta, Weekly Janajani, Weekly Rangpur Dikparakash, Monthly Bashana, Monthly Chaloman, Monthly Daruchini, Monthly Chharpatra, Monthly Idaning, Monthly Aurenna Radan and Monthly Bashana.

Lalmonirhat district map
Lalmonirhat district map

Communication system is special introduced in this district. Most of the people are very easy to communicate with others countries. Besides, in mobile, telephone and computer are easy to do communicate with others.

Crops of this district

Lalmonirhat district is developed in economical sector. Main occupations are agriculture, agriculture laborer, wage laborer, commerce, job, service, transport and others. Most of the people are farmers. Here land is fertile. As a result, crops are plenty grow more crops. Main crops are paddy, jute, wheat, chili and potato. Main fruits are apple, pulses, papaya etc. Main exports are paddy, wheat. Besides, to catching fish is also occupation in this district. This district is more contribute in economical sector for Bangladesh. Few games and sports are in this district for example cricket, football, badminton and hand ball.

Lalmonirhat district picture
Lalmonirhat district picture

There are many traditional spot and tourist spots in this district. Traditional spots are Nidaria Mosjid, Tusbhander Jominder Bari, Kakina Jaminde Bansho and Jaminder Bari. These places are very attractive. All these are built by ancient time. But its design is very awesome to look at. At present, its decoration is also doing beautiful. Besides, tourist spots are Godol Bill, Burimari Stholbondor and 6 no. Sector Burimari. That places are also nice. Many tourists are visit to see. Foreigners are come to enjoy that fantastic place. Moreover, these tourist spots are clean and clear and free atmosphere. This district is very developed day by day. Authority of this district has taken special decision to develop in Lalmonirhat district.

Upazilas of Lalmonirhat district: Aditmari upazila, Hatibandha upazila, Kaliganj upazila, Lalmonirhat Sadar upazila and Patgram upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper: erangpurchitra.

Post Code Numbers: Aditmari- 5510, Hatibandha- 5530, Lalmonirhat Sadar- 5500, Moghalhat- 5501, Kulaghat SO- 5502, Patgram- 5540, Baura- 5541, Burimari- 5542, Tushbhandar- 5520.