Mahbuba Islam Rakhi cute and intelligent actress

Mahbuba Islam Rakhi is a model and actress. Her smile is very sweet. She has spent some time in the media. As her acting is very charming able as she is looked at eye-catching. Rakhi is a most talented actress. Basically, she works in the drama. She was Lux Channel I Superstar 2010. In the drama, she was also become popular. As a model of the song “Your Love” song by kona she performed.

Mahbuba Islam Rakhi pretty actress
Mahbuba Islam Rakhi pretty actress

Lux Channel superstar Mahbuba Islam

Rakhi has acted in the drama and others. She is very popular actress and also more favorite to directors and producers. She comes after in the media, directors and producers are very eagerly to do working by her and very successfully. She wants to look at herself as a famous celebrity. Moreover, her acted advertisements are Seylon Gold Tea, Meril Chapstick, Pran Crako, Globe Crackers etc. Her first appearance is “Bishmoy” written by Bipasha Hayat and directed by Toukir Ahmed in 2011.

Mahbuba Islam Rakhi good-looking model

To watch her drama, viewers are very got pleasurable. Besides, viewers are wanted to watch her drama daily. Rakhi has earned viewers mind at a little time. She can be acting different kinds of character and she has worked with many actors such as Shajol, Apurbo and so on. From the first time, she has gift different drama for viewers. She is wanted to continue her profession. In the future, she will also gift good drama. Almost time she is going to other countries in different functions. Besides, Mahbuba Islam Rakhi has won “Best Model Female Diamond World Channel I in 2011”.

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