Pabna District is a very development district

Pabna district is in north-western Bangladesh. It is the southern district of Bangladesh and it is a part of the Rajshahi division. It is the historical place. The name of Pabna can be consequent from Pundra or Poondrobordhon civil it was imaged Archeologist Cunningham, whose capital was Mahasthangarh, it is the oldest city of Bangladesh and it is linked by Bogra district. Raaygonj was transferred back to Pabna from Bogra in 1875. Then a separate judgeship for the districts of Pabna and Bogra was produced in 1879. Its area is about 2371.50 sq km. Sirajganj district is on the north-east, the Padma River, main flow of the Ganga River, in the south separates it from Rajbari district and Kushtia district, the Jamuna River runs along its eastern border separating it from Manikanj district, the Natore district on the north-west and it has a general border with the Natore district. The Muslims, Hindu, Christian and others are lived in this district.

Pabna district information

There are many educational institutions in this district like Pabna Medical College, Pabna University of Science and Technology, Pabna Textile Engineering College, Pabna Edward College, Govt. Shahid Bulbul College, Pabna Zilla School, Pabna Cadet College etc. Its literacy rate is very fine.

Pabna district map
Pabna district map

Few local daily, monthly and weekly newspapers in this district for instance Daily Ichamati, Daily Uttor Jonota, Weekly Gan Bikashini, Weekly Pabna Barta, Weekly Bibriti, Weekly Arshi, Monthly Gan Prova, Monthly Polli Dorpon, Monthly Manoshi, Monthly Amar Desh and Monthly Pabna, Monthly Tawhid, Monthly Chetona and Monthly Shocheton.

Attention-grabbing river of this district

Most of the people of Pabna district are involved to agriculture activities. Besides, main occupations is Agriculture, agriculture laborer, commerce and job and so on. There are many crops in this district like paddy, jute, wheat, sugarcane, oil seeds, onion, garlic, betel leaf and pulses. Main fruits are mango, jackfruit, banana, lychee, cocoanut, guava and papaya. Main exports of among them are rice, jute, betel leaf, hosiery goods, cotton and cotton fabrics. This district has many rivers for example Padma River, Ichamati, Gumani, Baral, Atrai, Chiknai, Kazipur, Karatoya and Hurasagar. Main rivers of among them are Ganges, Ichamati, Gumani, Baral and Hurasagar.

Pabna district picture
Pabna district picture

This district have many tourist spots as Padma Harding Bridge, Poddar Par at Shilaaidoho Ghaat, Chalan Beel, the Lalon Shah Bridge, three domed Mosque at Baharara, three domed Kazipara Mosque, Chatmohar Shahi Mosque, Pathan para Khandokarni Mosque, Samaj Shahi Mosque, three domed Jami Mosque at Juktitala, Jor Bangla Mandir, Jagannath Mandir, Seth Kuthi, Snana Mandir and Pabna district Judge Court Building. Every year, tourists visit to see this attractive place.

Main Transportation

There are much transportation in this district such as roads, waterways, railways and one airport. Besides, Hardinge Bridge and Lalon Shah Bridge over the Padma linked Pabna with Khulna division. It is the southern of Bangladesh. It was a major industrial action for trains from Kolkata to Assam and Darjeeling before the division. Ishwardi of Pabna is one of the important railway junctions of the North Bengal of Bangladesh. Pabna district is very charming place and developed day by day.

Upazilas of Pabna district: Atgharia upazila, Bera upazila, Bhangura upazila, Chatmohar upazila, Faridpur upazila, Ishwardi upazila, Pabna Sadar upazila, Santhia upazila and Sujanagar upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspapers: newspabna, pabnainfo, ishwardi.

Post Code Numbers: Banwarinagar- 6650, Bera- 6680, Nakalia- 6681, Kashinathpur- 6682, Puran Bharenga- 6683, Bhangura- 6640, Chatmohar- 6630, Debottar- 6610, Ishwardi- 6620, Dhapari- 6621, Pakshi- 6622, Rajapur- 6623, Pabna Sadar- 6600, Kaliko Cotton Mills- 6601, Hamayetpur- 6602, Sathia- 6670, Sujanagar- 6660, Sagarkandi- 6661.