Panchagarh district, where is it located? want to know?

Panchagarh district is a of Rangpur division and it is situated in northern part of Bangladesh. Named of this district is a traditional history. Panch means five and garhs means forts. Five forts are Bhitargarh, Hosaingarh, Mirgarh, Rajangarh and Devengarh. To depend on five garhs, the named of Panchagarh is fixed. It was established in 1984. It has an area of 1404.63 sq km. Panchaga0orh district is surrounded on three sides by 288 km long Indian border and Dajeeling district on the south, Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar districts on the north-east, West Dinajpur district and Purnea district on the west, Dinajpur and Thakurgaon district on the south, Nilphamari district on the east. It is far away from sea level. The Muslims, Hindu and people of others religion are lived in this district.

Panchagarh district information

Here are available educational institutions. So B.P (Bishnu Prasad) Govt. High school, Pachagarh Govt. Girls High school, M.R (Moqbular Rahman) Govt. College, N.N(Nirpandra Natayan) Govt.High School, Debiganj, Alodini Govt. Girls High School are famous for more good result in this district. Moreover different government and non-government primary school, secondary school, college and national universities are located in this district. Most children are gone to school. Almost family are sent to school to their children so that they are light of education. A country was to become before need an education nation. There are few local newspapers in Panchagarh district like Daily Pachapura, Weekly Panchagarh Barta and Weekly Pachaobarta.

Panchagarh district map
Panchagarh district map

Main occupations are job, agriculture laborer, wage laborer, commerce, service, transport and others. Besides, most of the people are involved to agriculture activities. Main crops are paddy, jute, wheat, potato, sugarcane and tea. Main fruits are mango, jack fruit, lichee, banana, blackberry, papaya, guava, coconut and betel nut. Main exports are paddy and jute. Here economical sector are developed for these.

Awesome rivers and tourist spots

Panchagarh district is many rivers as Karatoya, Atrai, Tista, Nagor, Mahananda, Tangon, Dahuk, Pathraj, Bhulli, Talma, Chawai, Kurum, Versa, Tirnoi and Chilka. Pohela Boishakh (The first day of Bengali year) is main culture in here. At early dawn boys and girls are played with color water in every road.
Tourist spots are Atwari, Tetulia, Panchagarh Sadar, Pachagarh Rocks Museum, Vadeswari mosque in Boda, Vadeswari and Govindo temple in Boda, Jogobondhu Thakurbari in Debiganj, Moharaja dighi, Kajol dighi etc. Besides, tea garden is also attractive place in this district and it is tradition of this district. Many tourists are visit to see this beautiful place. Its natural beauty and tourist spots are charming to the tourism. Its around are green and green. Foreigners are also more appealing.

Panchagarh district picture
Panchagarh district picture

There is little transport in this district. Bi-cycle, rickshaw, motor cycle are the main transport in here. Besides, buses are also transport for local people.
This district has security manage for this districts development. Bangladesh government and authority of Panchagarh district district have taken decision.

Upazilas of Panchagarh district: Atwari upazila, Boda upazila, Debiganj upazila, Panchagarh sadar upazila and Tetulia upazila.

Government district portal:

Online newspaper: erangpurchitra.

Post Code Numbers: Boda- 5010, Chotto Dab- 5040, Mirjapur- 5041, Dabiganj- 5020, Panchagar Sadar- 5000, Tetulia- 5030.