Rajshahi District, do you know this district famous for mango?

Rajshahi district is a city and it is located in the north- west of Bangladesh. This district is situated on the northern banks of the river Padma. It is not only district but also division. It is one of the seven metropolitan cities of Bangladesh. Previously, the name of Rampur Boalia was known to this district. From that name was given Rajshahi. It was established in 1984. Its total area is 96.69 sq km. This district is bounded by Naogan district to the north, Natore district to the east and Chapainawabganj district and the river Padma to the south.

Rajshahi district information

Educational institution are available in this district as junior high school, primary school, Rajshahi University, Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, Rajshahi Medical College, Rajshahi College, agriculture college, cadet college etc. This district‘s literacy rate is very good.
On the other hand, NGO activities are many in Rajshahi such as BRAC, ASA, Grameen Bank, PROSHIKA, CARITAS etc. There are large number of daily, weekly and monthly newspapers publications both in English and Bengali in Rajshahi for example Daily Sonardesh, Daily Sonali songbad, Daily Sunshine, Daily Natun provat, Daily Barta, Daily Lalgolap, Daily Amader Rajshahi, Daily Raj Barta, Daily Upature, Weekly Gono Dirsti, Weekly Rajshahier Alo etc.

Rajshahi district map
Rajshahi district map

People of Rajshahi district are caught up occupation of different kinds like agriculture laborer, wage laborer, fishing, weaving, industry, commerce, service, transport etc.

Crops of this district and people’s occupation

Besides, agriculture activity is very common in this district. Here is cultivated many crops by this district for instance paddy, wheat, jute, sugarcane, turmeric, oil seed, onion etc. Main fruits are mango, jackfruit, banana, litchi, black berry, coconut and papaya and so on. Main exports are jute, sugarcane, date molasses, betel leaf, litchi, catechu, silk sari, silk fabrics and various industrial products. But mango is one of them. Rajshahi is famous for mango. This district is many grew this fruit. Most of the people are involved to mango cultivation. Every year, a lot of mango exports in other countries. From this fruit this district are many earn money that adjust to economical sector. Besides, alongside of mango is also famous silk of this district. It is a part of Bangladesh’s economical sector. There are many rivers in this district like Padma, Mahanada, Baral and Barnai River.

Rajshahi district map
Rajshahi district map

Tourist Spots

Tourist spots have many in this district such as Puthia Temple Complex, Tomb of Hazrat Shah Makhdum, Kismat Madia Mosque, Jami Mosque, Bagha Mosque, Bagdhani Mosque, Tomb of Hazrat Shah Sultan, Bara Kuthi and Talando Shiva Mandir and Shrine of Hazrat Shah Mokhdum. Tourism are visited everyday in this district. Rajshahi district is very developed by all side. It is also progressed in the future. Its communication facilities are very easy and technological development is very hopefully.

Upazilas of Rajshahi district: Bagha upazila, Bagmara upazila, Charghat upazila, Durgapur upazila, Godagari upazila, Mohanpur upazila, Paba upazila, Puthia upazila and Tanore upazila.

Government district portal: rajshahi.gov.bd

Online newspapers: amaderrajshahi, sonalisangbad, alapon24, bdnewsroom, mohakalgarhbarta.

Post Code Numbers: Bagha- 6280, Arani- 6281, Bhabaniganj- 6250, Taharpur- 6251, Charghat- 6270, Sarda- 6271, Durgapur- 6240, Godagari- 6290, Premtoli- 6291, Khodmohanpur- 6220, Lalitganj- 6210, Rajshahi Sugar Mills- 6211, Shyampur- 6212, Putia- 6260, Rajshahi Sadar- 6000, Ghuramara- 6100, Rajshahi Court- 6201, Rajshahi Canttonment- 6202, Sapura- 6203, Kazla- 6204, Rajshahi University- 6205, Binodpur Bazar- 6206, Tanor- 6230.