Shuchanda looks at very nice and acting is very good

Many actresses have which are acting very charming. Shuchanda is one of them. Her real name is Kohinoor Akhter. She is an actress and she is a pageant actress in the film of Bangladesh. She was born in Jessore. As her acting is very charming able as she is saw at attention-grabbing. She is very intelligent and brilliant actress. From the first time, her popularity is very attractive. Her career began in 1965. Her first movie is “Kagojer Nouka”.

Suchanda Beautiful Actress
Suchanda Beautiful Actress

Good-looking actress Shuchanda

She is worked in cinema alongside she is a director. Her acting movies are Teen Kanya, Jhinuk Mala and so on. In film industry of Bangladesh, she is very popular actress and also more favorite to directors and producers. She comes after in film, directors and producers are very eagerly to do working by her and very successfully. She wants to look at herself as a famous celebrity. To watch her cinema, viewers are very got pleasurable. Besides, viewers are wanted to watch her cinema daily. Shuchanda has earned viewers mind at a little time. She has been acting different kinds of character and she has worked with many actors such as Razzak, Faruk and so on.

Shuchanda good-looking actress

For the long day, she was worked to become pair with Razzak and more became successful. From the first time, she has gift different cinema for viewers. She married Zahir Raihan and he is a film director of the country. She acted Jibon Theke Neya in 1970. Besides, Bobita and Champa are her sister as well as they are also actress in the Dhallywood Bangladesh. Actor Omor sunny is her nephew and actress Moushumi is her niece in law. Also, actor Riaz is her cousin. Moreover, going to other countries, she has participated to big function. She is continued her profession. In the future she will also gift better cinema. Shuchanda has got many ways national and others prizes.

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