Sylhet Division Is Very Fascinating & Awesome Spot

Sylhet Division is one of the most fascinating and archaeologically rich regions in the south Asia. With picturesque scenery, his is the eye-catching place in the Bangladesh.

This division is the northeastern division of this country. It is also known as Greater Sylhet or Sylhet region. This division is to be composed of 4 districts and 38 Upazila. The Sylhet Division Bangladesh has an area of 12,595.95 square kilometers and a population of 9,807,000 (2011 Census).

Sylhet Division Information

This division is bounded by Dhaka division on the west, Chittagong division on the southwest, the Meghalaya state of India in the north, Assam state of the east and Tripura state on the south.

This division is the main city named of Sylhet. This division is famous for the tea garden. It is also famous for filled with fragrant orange and pineapple gardens and breathtaking tea plantations.

Four religious people are muslim, hindu, buddhist and christian. But overwhelmingly muslim and hindues live in this place. Marraige is happened according to their individual religion with excellent arrangement.

Sylhet division picture

Best Attraction Of Sylhet Division

Of course, most of the people know the best attraction of this division is tea planters of the hill sloopes. It has spread significantly over the place. The tea garden is really the best place for traveling. If anybody plans to go, then they can enjoy there with deep happily. Salman Shah who is a popular film actor in Bangladesh and he took birth in Sylhet. Most of the people knows about him.

SUST Institute

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology(SUST) is the first system to adopt Amercian credit. This is also known as a research university.

This is one of them higher learning institutions like another prominent university. In fact, this is located at Kumargaon in Sylhet Division map. The students get to chance undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate.

Popular Tourist Spots

Particularly many Sylhet community members have found work and residence abroad. The United Kingdom have been using remittances to be found projects and industries within this division.

Allowing the export industry and foreign investment sectors to grow. This Sylhet Division map has a great railroad, road, and air communication infrastructure.

It is a prime attraction for all tourists like a flat roof tea garden, pineapple plantation, hills covered with tropical forests from a beautiful landscape and orange groves. The Sylhet also has a good number of haors which are big natural wetlands.

Those haors provide sanctuary to the millions migratory birds that fly from Siberia to avoid a severe cold. Another visiting place is Madhabkunda, Tamabil, Jaflong and Srimongal.

Last Word

In conclusion, Sylhet Division map is famous religious and beautiful place. Its economical sector is also hopefully because of its tea, orange, and pineapple keeps great contribution. But the tea is the best way to earn so that making money here which is added in Bangladesh economic sector.

Sylhet Division Districts: Habiganj district, Maulvibazar district, Sunamganj district and Sylhet district (Total 4 district in Sylhet Division).

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